In case we haven’t met, I’m Stuart May.

Helping women feel confident and excited about their beauty routine is an incredibly rewarding experience. I know that it takes courage to remove your makeup and share your fears with someone – and I love being the person that shows up with encouragement, compassion, and support to turn the experience into a positive one. My background in makeup and the beauty industry – including my work with Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown , Guerlain, and many other prestigious brands – gives me deep insight and knowledge to help guide my clients. I am a licensed esthetician in the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, which roots my experience in education and diversity – not just in my own personal opinion. But my expertise in makeup isn’t just second-hand – my work on-camera means that I wear makeup myself, which gives me the opportunity to learn tips on tricks that really make a difference when choosing and applying products. I also spent 25 years working in the Las Vegas entertainment industry, spending 5 of those years performing alongside Hollywood Legend Debbie Reynolds. I learned from her skilled application of makeup and her knowledge of how to make mature skin looks its best – which launched my interest and career in makeup and skin care. My clients trust that when they come to me I will never push my agenda. I will listen to them and we will design and refine their signature look.

About Stuart May

Stuart May has taken his artistry skills to new levels, leading efforts backstage at New York Fashion Week and being selected as a member of the National Estée Lauder Pro Team as a Trend Show speaker, sharing tips and tricks of the beauty industry. Stuart also makes regular appearances on QVC and understands the importance of looking your best. Stuart has the ability to transform a look in just minutes. A licensed esthetician, teaching women about skin care and how to achieve beautiful skin is especially fulfilling for him. “I want every woman to recognize that they have true beauty,” – a mantra Stuart brings to life with everyone he touches. Come see why his clients say: Stuart is My Beauty Guy !

What It All Means

What does it all mean? Working as an entertainer for so many years, it was my job to look my best at all times. It was my livelihood. What I bring to my clients is creativity and compassion with skincare and makeup. I believe there is beauty in each and every one of us. Sometimes people give up. They don’t spend the time to make themselves feel special. Who doesn’t like to see a reflection of themselves in a window or mirror and say “hey, I look pretty darn good”! I like to say its all about personal “curb appeal”. You may be living in a new home or an older one, an apartment or a mansion but how you take care of it on the outside reflects to people what you feel like on the inside.You should feel good. You should feel great. My specialty is helping you get there. I’m Stuart May, and I call myself your Beauty Guy because I take all of that and turn it into something fun and empowering


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