Personal Beauty Concierge Service

– Make up Artist

– Licensed Esthetician

– Event Speaker

Your makeup and skin care routine shouldn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused, or frustrated.

And it definitely shouldn’t leave you feeling anything less than fantastic.

My Beauty Guy A personal service that’s also a partnership, an experience, and a transformation.


How it works.

Stuart May beauty industry expert brings you My Beauty Guya personal service that’s also a partnership, an experience, and a transformation

Having someone supportive, knowledgeable, and compassionate by your side can make a world of difference in your search for the perfect beauty routine.

My personalized beauty service is designed to make looking good fun, easy, and luxurious. Here’s how it works:

1 - Free Consultation.

We arrange a free consultation. We can talk on the phone, by email, or over a cup of coffee at a nearby Starbucks. During your consultation, we’ll get to know each other and I’ll ask questions about your needs and desires in the beauty department.

2 - In Person Meeting

We meet in person to go over your current makeup and skin care regimen. We’ll look at what you’re currently using, and I’ll help you identify anything that is outdated or past its prime. I’ll also guide you on application techniques and make sure you feel confident using what you have on hand.

3 - Plan

We design a plan to help you get what you want, and decide on items you would love to add to your skincare and makeup ritual.

4 - Shopping Day

We schedule a fun shopping trip to a department store or beauty retailer. We’ll work as a team, and I’ll guide you through the endless options (and politely fend off the pushy sales people). I’ll help you find the perfect products – the ones you really want, not the ones being pushed on you – and you’ll walk out feeling confident and excited about your selections.

5 - Mastering Application

We review all the new items and samples from our shopping spree, and I’ll give you tutorials on how to use each of them to suit you perfectly. I’ll help you design and master your daily makeup application based on your old favorites and your new additions, so that every day you feel confident and composed.

6 - One Call Away

I’ll be on call as your personal makeup artist, brow shaper, and all-things-beauty-guy. When you need gorgeous makeup for special events, weddings, holidays, or parties, I’ll come directly to you and provide makeup application, traditional or airbrushed, for that flawless look.

In case we haven’t met I’m Stuart May

helping women feel confident and excited about their beauty routine is an incredibly rewarding experience…Read More

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